Leinster Street, Paddington

RECENTLY COMPLETED: Leinster Street, Paddington

Full renovation of a bookend terrace in Paddington. We completely stripped out all floors and ceilings including the complete demolition of the rear section of the terrace. The rear section of the new ground floor was extended out to the boundary line with a unique popup ceiling dressed in plywood. A new kitchen dining area was created including a new ground floor bathroom. The existing front rooms were re-touch to match the high finish level of the rear section. Upstairs a new extension to the side of the terrace was built to create a new bedroom balcony and first floor bathroom. More storage space was created within the attic. Timber floors mixed with glass and steel stairs create an open plan living area.


Architect : Tony Freeman from MolnarFreeman Architects
Engineer: Robert Grava from Burgess, Arnott & Grava Pty Ltd
Certifier: Anthony Protas from Anthony Protas Consulting
Builder: Simon Haralambopoulos from CHBR Pty Ltd
Landscaping: Antony Aris from Bondi landscapes, 0412154594
Tiles Supplier: Craig from Onsite Tiles
Photos supplied by: Murray Fredericks

Client testimonial

“Choosing the right builder is a difficult task. Naturally the emphasis when making the decision tends to be on their skills, experience, workmanship and of course the quote. But people often forget about the person. In a way this is the most important part because if you don’t like your builder, any project will quickly become a nightmare. Fortunately Simon ticks the boxes for all of these things. His work on my house was amazing. He dealt with difficulties (tricky neighbours, crooked walls, and other unexpected delays) with professionalism and made them feel much less dramatic than they probably were. He is a perfectionist with every aspect of the build from demolition to the final finishes - to the point you would think he was working on his own house. But most importantly he’s a great person. I used every excuse there was to come on site because I enjoyed it. He made me feel involved and welcome and we fast became friends. He wouldn’t argue when I changed things, like the location of a powerpoint for the 3rd time, and made smart suggestions of his own. Now that it’s well and truly finished I wish more things would go wrong with the house just so that he would have to keep coming over, but unfortunately I rarely get to see him these days. I would highly recommend Simon and CHBR.”
- Sarah, Homeowner