Who we are?

CHBR Pty Ltd is a small business based in Sydney Australia. Simon Haralambopoulos is the managing director of the company and has over 25 years experience in the building industry.

CHBR aims to provide a professional service and engage in an open and honest relationship with all parties involved. From home owner, architects, engineers, interior designers etc , CHBR focuses on a smooth transition from concept to completion.

Meet Simon

Simon Haralambopoulos is the founder and director of CHBR Pty Ltd. Starting out working with his builder father, Simon has developed over 25 years building experience. His philosophy has remained unchanged with his passion in providing high end finishes, great attention to detail and never compromising on materials, time or workmanship.

His success is attributed to his openness, great communication skills and willingness to provide solutions to benefit all related parties. Over the years Simon has built strong and trustworthy relationships with contractors that have all worked together to achieve CHBR’s goals and success. Many of Simon’s clients are referred or repeat customers.

Simon has lived in Sydney all his life, has been married for 10 years and has two young children.

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Client testimonials

"We are absolutely delighted by the way the renovations have turned out. The quality of the workmanship has been outstanding, both on your own part and on the part of the people who did the work in areas such as tiling, plumbing and the electrics. Maija and I have been very conscious of your attention to detail and ensuring that all work was to the highest possible standard.”
- John, Homeowner

"We have enjoyed the professionalism that Haralambopoulos has shown during the course of this project. His willingness to go beyond the architectural documents to ensure the building is of the highest standard demonstrates that he has integrity and pride in his work."
- Simon Hanson, Bureau SRH

"My interactions with Simon have been of a professional and competent nature. Simon has shown a clear understanding of our requirements, and executed the designs shown on structural drawings with diligence."
- Dr Richard Barnes, Hyder consulting